What Exactly is Sylvine’s Burden?

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About Sylvine’s Burden

We don’t know much about the mysterious red-headed scaled woman that Dani, Jag, and Cruz first meet in Uncharted Territory: Ardent Redux Saga Episode 3, but we do know she’s a bad-ass fighter with some medical training who jumped in and saved our beloved Ardent Redux Saga characters.

It turns out, there’s more to Sylvine than her her ability to kick-ass and patch up the wounded. In fact, there’s more to the Vaerian race as a whole than we realize. Sure, they may seem like crazy aliens hell-bent on killing humans… but there’s always another side to the story and Sylvine’s space opera mini-series is our window into their world.

A Branch of the Ardent Redux Universe

Sylvine’s Burden picks up at the end of Houston’s Peril: Ardent Redux Saga Episode 5. There’s a lot going on at the end of the first season of the Ardent Redux Saga and retelling it from Sylvine’s perspective offers a unique view of the climactic ending.

While I tried to write Sylvine’s story in a way that it can stand alone, it is easier to follow if you’ve read the Complete First Season of the Ardent Redux Saga, a space opera serial. This story is written in the same serialized format with short episodes that take about 2 hours to read. Think of it as a television show in book form.

In this space opera spin-off in the Ardent Redux Universe, we’ll learn quite a bit more about Sylvine including who she is, why she was on that planet, and what she’s fighting for. I can’t go into too many details without including some spoilers… but I can tell you that Sylvine has the power to put a stop to the Vaerian war… but she’ll need help.

Keep your eyes open for Sylvine’s Burden coming soon..

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