An image of the book cover of the Ardent Redux Saga Complete First Season Omnibus, a five-episode space opera adventure written by science fiction author J. L. Stowers. The cover features Captain Dani Devereaux in a white flight suit as she interacts with a holographic display on the bridge of her ship, Osirion. Behind her is a space battle between the Rebel, Pirate, and Galactic Conglomerate factions.

Ardent Redux Saga

The Complete First Season

A Space Opera Series


She was a hero until the government she worked for made her their scapegoat. Now, Star Captain Dani Devereaux wants the truth and she and her crew won’t rest until they uncover it.

An image of the book cover of Vengeance Lost, an episodic space opera serial by sci-fi author J. L. Stowers and episode one in the Ardent Redux Saga. The cover features a massive starship flying away from a star that is going to supernova and engulf the planets around it. This introduction to the ARS perfectly illustrates the lengths Captain Dani Devereaux will go to in order to protect her crew in this exciting space adventure.

Vengeance Lost

Ardent Redux Saga: Episode 1

A Space Opera Adventure


She fought to be a hero… will she die a traitor? The government wants her dead, but star Captain Dani Devereaux has other plans.

An image of the book cover of The Cost of Survival, a post-apocalyptic colonization novel written by science fiction author J. L. Stowers and book one in the Genesis Rising series. The cover features a small planet orbiting a mysterious darkness emanating a blue aura. The darkness symbolizes the unknown as well as the dark side of human nature as humankind learns what survival really means and how far they will go to achieve it.

The Cost of Survival

Book 1 of Genesis Rising

A Post-Apocalyptic Planetary Colonization Novel

Survival isn’t about who’s right; it’s about who’s left. Earth spirals into chaos. World war ravages every border. The human race teeters on the edge of extinction and there’s but one hope left…

Authors Jeremy Fabiano, J. L. Stowers, and LJ Dix standing behind their table of fantasy and science fiction books at 2024 Gem State Comic Con in Boise, Idaho.

A Great Comic Con and Future Events

It has been a week since I attended Gem State Comic Con in Boise, Idaho with fellow authors Jeremy Fabiano and LJ Dix. I must say, I had a fantastic (albeit exhausting)...

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About J. L. Stowers

Science fiction author born and raised in Idaho.

For me, growing up in the desert of South Central Idaho was incredible. The desert’s subtle beauty and quiet secrets inspired a number of tales throughout my life. Spending my childhood exploring fields of lava, caves, and great fishing holes offered me priceless time to reflect and imagine. It’s where the first version of The Cost of Survival was born, among many other tales I’ve yet to tell.

Science Fiction Books by J. L. Stowers


Ardent Redux Saga

Ardent Redux Allies

Operation Ardent Redux

Ardent Redux Short Stories


Project Genesis

The Cost of Survival

The Price of Freedom

The Value of Bravery