A Great Comic Con and Future Events


It has been a week since I attended Gem State Comic Con in Boise, Idaho with fellow authors Jeremy Fabiano and LJ Dix. I must say, I had a fantastic (albeit exhausting) time. It was a pleasure talking about my science fiction books with a variety of people and hopefully found a few new fans in the process.

My Experience & Future Events

I also had an opportunity to speak with aspiring authors and other event managers. I was happy to share tidbits of wisdom for aspiring authors, and excited that event managers were interested in inviting me to other comic cons and events across the state of Idaho and beyond. Some of the events on my list to attend in the future include:

To recap, science fiction author LJ Dix and fantasy/LitRPG/sci-fi author Jeremy Fabiano joined me at the event in Boise. We rented a beautiful home with incredible views not far from the convention center, then we hauled our piles of books over to the event and had the incredible opportunity to not only talk to other science fiction and fantasy fans about our books, but see all of the incredible costumes.

Sci-Fi Cosplay Stars

One of my favorite costumes of the entire con were the Trader Jawas. They did an amazing job. Their cosplay looked great, they were fantastic in character. I gave them a few Jawa stickers and they gave me a coin. It was a great time and I hope to see them again next year. I asked for a photo and they were kind enough to take one with me. You can see by my smile how excited I was.

Sci-fi author J. L. Stowers with Jawas from the Star Wars franchise at 2024 Gem State Comic Con

I’m really looking forward to doing more events in the future to continue sharing my sci-fi books and stories. I’m also looking forward to having more books in paperback in the near future.

Science Fiction Books

An image of space featuring purple and blue dust and gas and two earthlike planets, one tinted red and the other tinted blue. These planets are meant to symbolize the warring factions found in the science fiction space opera Ardent Redux Universe that incorporates the Ardent Redux Saga, Ardent Redux Allies, Operation Ardent Redux, and Ardent Redux Short Stories by science fiction author J. L. Stowers.
An image of space featuring a beautiful blue-green nebula with a background of stars. This image is meant to symbolize the hazy unknown of the post-apocalyptic colonization story of Genesis Rising by science fiction author J. L. Stowers.
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