The Inspiration for The Cost of Survival

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The Cost of Survival is the first book in the Genesis Rising series. It’s a science fiction thriller which takes a deep look at the dark side of human nature. More specifically, it examines the desperate acts of a dying population.

Imagine a world where women are no longer able to bear children; where infertility is the norm and pregnancy is a true rarity. What would happen to the human population? Mix this in with war and terrorism and we quickly see diminishing numbers. As the reality of extinction looms overhead, how far would people go to ensure survival?

These are some of the thought I had when I came up with the story that later became The Cost of Survival.

How My Life Shaped The Cost of Survival

Ask any author why they write and you’ll get a slew of answers. Responses may look something like this:

  • I can’t not write
  • There’s a story inside me trying to get out
  • My imagination is too big to contain
  • It’s an escape

These are a few of the reasons why I write. Across the board you’ll likely get these, and many more.

I’ve always created stories through some medium but writing has always been my favorite. I love putting a pen to paper and watching the dark ink glide across the stark whiteness of the paper. I also love the clickety-clack of typing. Both of these things are enjoyable to me for reasons I can’t put into words. It’s inexplicably satisfying for me.

The stories and characters I’ve created over the years twist and bend with whatever is going on in my life. My own experiences influence character behavior and even the challenges they face. This is seen very clearly in The Cost of Survival.

I’ve always wanted children. However, when it came time to have our own child our desires were met with difficulty. We ultimately did conceive, which is fantastic. In fact, we now have three children. Yet I’ll always remember the struggle. I made some great friends during this time in my life; some of who are still struggling with fertility issues. I wish each of them the best and hope they get their miracle child soon.

The Bigger Picture of The Cost of Survival

When it comes down to it, the infertility epidemic is a small part of the overall story of the Genesis Rising series. There’s much more to this tale and The Cost of Survival just scratches the surface. The greater story idea is based upon the many conversations I’ve had with my father over the years as we roamed the Idahoan desert. I don’t want to give too much away at this point, but it’s something I’ve thought about for quite some time.

I only hope that you, the reader, enjoys the story as much as I do. I’ll continue to post updates and insight about this, and other stories. If you ever have any questions, feel free to email me at and I’ll try to address them in upcoming blogs.

If you haven’t had the chance to read The Cost of Survival you can pick up a copy here.

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