The Ardent Redux Universe

The ever growing Ardent Redux Universe is home to a cast of fun and interesting characters and their struggles to right the wrongs around them.

The main story, The Ardent Redux Saga, follows Captain Dani Devereaux on her journey from hero to scapegoat and back again. Things don’t come easy for Dani and her crew, but they never stop fighting for what they believe in.

If you’re new to the universe or if you’re not sure what to read next, click HERE to see a copy of the reading guide.

Ardent Redux Universe Short Stories

Quick Space Opera Adventures

The Ardent Redux Saga - Season 1

A Space Opera Exploration Adventure

Ardent Redux Allies

An Ardent Redux Universe 3-Part Space Opera Mini-Series

Operation Ardent Redux

An Ardent Redux Universe 3-Part Space Opera Mini-Series

Ardent Redux Saga - Season 2

The second season of the Ardent Redux Saga - a space opera adventure

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