The Ardent Redux Universe Reading Guide

This is the recommended reading order for the Ardent Redux Universe.

While some stories can be read at any point, there are some that should be read in a specific order.

Short Stories
These short stories can be read at any time. However, both take place before season 1 of the Ardent Redux Saga.

Alaska's Vengeance

Ardent Redux Saga - Season 1
It is strongly recommended that you begin exploring the Ardent Redux Universe with season 1 of the Ardent Redux Saga. You can safely read either of the short stories above without any spoilers, but for the primary series in the universe (Ardent Redux Saga) it is best that they are read in order as they're written like television episodes.

Vengeance Lost
Osirion's Ascent
Uncharted Territory
The Dead Zone
Houston's Peril

Ardent Redux Allies & Operation Ardent Redux
These two mini-series take place following season 1 of the Ardent Redux Saga. It is recommended that you only read them after you've finished reading season 1. These two mini-series take place at the same time, picking up with the final events of Houston's Peril (Episode 5 in the Ardent Redux Saga) and continuing on until season 2 begins.

Ardent Redux Allies
Sylvine's Burden
Episode 2 (TBA)
Episode 3 (TBA)

Operation Ardent Redux
Rebel Yell
Rebel With a Cause
Episode 3 (TBA)

Ardent Redux Saga - Season 2
Season 2 is currently under development and will contain 5 episodes to be announced in 2023.

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